July 12, 2020, 13:13

‘Diplomatic Pressure’ Making Venezuela Prez Maduro ‘Isolated,’ ‘Alone’ – Guaido

‘Diplomatic Pressure’ Making Venezuela Prez Maduro ‘Isolated,’ ‘Alone’ – Guaido

Juan Guaido, the leader of Venezuelan opposition who proclaimed himself an interim president, now claims that the nation’s President Nicolas Maduro is in the final stage of his rule, according to reports.

A change in leadership will occur soon says opposition leader Juan Guaido, claiming that his political and foreign allies have successfully reached out to high-ranking military members about turning their backs on Maduro, according to Reuters.

Guaido claimed on Friday that Maduro can no longer “finance political blackmail” as a means of retaining power due, in part, to the influence of foreign governments that have thrown their influence behind the 35-year-old opposition leader as the interim president of the beleaguered South American nation as well as the hyperinflation of its economic collapse.

“They are isolated, alone,” remarked Guaido referring to Maduro and his cabinet, adding, “they are falling apart day by day,” cited by Reuters.

“The citizens do not like them, they reject them, they hate them,” he added, “because that is what they have received from them: hate.”

Guaido, who declared on January 23 that he would oust Maduro and run the nation until new elections could take place, made his comments from the northeastern Anzoategui state, in the city of Lecheria, at rallies over the weekend.

Guaido, who leads the opposition-controlled National Assembly in Caracas, has offered military members amnesty from prosecution upon their allegiance to Maduro’s overthrow, according to reports.

Supporters of Maduro accuse Guaido of being a puppet of the US, only seeking access to the OPEC-member nation’s oil reserves, said to be the largest in the world.

Guaido has countered that Maduro’s hold on power is slipping, pointing to western sanctions against state-run oil company PDVSA and several high-profile banks in the country.

“Diplomatic pressure has worked, the economic pressure and the pressure on assets have worked,” Guaido asserted on Friday, cited by Reuters.

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