July 5, 2020, 20:37

Over Half of Sex Doll’s Matches on Tinder Would Have Sex With Her – Reports

Over Half of Sex Doll’s Matches on Tinder Would Have Sex With Her – Reports

New York movie director Jimmy Mehiel has embarked on a documentary about sex robots and so opted for a curious experiment by making a profile for a well-known sex robot, Harmony, on Tinder.

Documentary maker Jimmy Mehiel has revealed that a staggering 56 percent of Tinder users polled are to some extent eager to sleep with a sexbot, The Daily Star reported. Overall, 25 out of the 57 matches said they wouldn’t have sex with a robot, while 17 said they would and 15 said “maybe,” Jimmy said, detailing the results of the poll.

His production, titled “I Want My Sex Machine,” primarily focuses on sexbot brothels, but also aims to detail the dating industry as a whole.

The director, who first gained permission from the creator of the famed Harmony doll to share her images on the dating platform Tinder, sought to estimate how many people would be hypothetically willing to bed a sex robot.

“I swiped right (liked) every guy that came up. In the two hours I ran the experiment, Harmony racked up 92 matches.”

“The real experiment though was when I replied to everyone Harmony matched with one simple message: ‘1 question: Would you have sex with a robot? Yes, no or maybe,” Jimmy remarked.

He received a range of responses to the question, with one guy saying most resolutely: “You’re disgusting.”

And another person noted: “F*** yes. You’re the coolest individual I’ve ever matched here.” 

“F*** yeah… Get with the times,” another guy replied. 

The director intentionally picked the pictures for posting on Tinder that would demonstrate not only the doll’s fantastic looks but would reveal the computer brain.

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