July 11, 2020, 21:39

Pamela Anderson Sets Pulses Racing in Her FIRST Retro Style Vogue Photoshoot

Pamela Anderson Sets Pulses Racing in Her FIRST Retro Style Vogue Photoshoot

Whatever the overwhelming popularity she has gained as a Baywatch star and showbiz diva, it is only now that Pamela Anderson has been awarded her first Vogue cover, with the actress turning heads in a retro style photoshoot for the Czechoslovakian magazine edition.

One of the sixties-inspired snapshots that have been picked for the cover sports 51-year-old Pamela lounging on her stomach on the edge of an eye-popping sky-blue infinity pool against the picturesque backdrop of France’s Cassis. Showing off her best angles, the blonde bombshell wears a bright print shirt and bikini bottoms, with her bouffant hair neatly styled in line with the 60s’ trend.

Another no less stunning shot features Pamela’s profile as she stares out to sea, donning a see-through black flowing short, which lets the viewers have a glimpse of her tanned skin. There is also a third shot, in which Pamela flaunts her Barbie doll-style hair curls, crawling across a pile of solid rocks towards the camera.

In an accompanying interview, the bombshell reveals what she personally thinks about her sex symbol status, calling it “a cliché”.

“Every girl wants to feel sexy. I think of myself as a socialist feminist. I love men. I don’t like authority”, she added, before offering some advice: “Be careful who you share your weaknesses with. Some people can’t wait for the opportunity to use them against you”.

She specially dwelled on the issue of trolls and critics coming along her way, noting that she has always found herself in a “ridiculous battle — to convince people that I have something to say. And even people closest to me try to protect me”.

She admitted she is well aware of the fact that her tremendous looks will fade as time passes, adding, however, that she’s been “lucky” so far.

“I’m lucky so far but definitely feel it. I don’t want to chase youth. It’s funny how youth chases me. I’m hard to keep up with”, she added cheekily.

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