April 18, 2021, 8:24

Antarctica Riddle: ‘Intelligently Designed’ UFO-Like Object Sparks Frenzy as It Reflects Light

Antarctica Riddle: ‘Intelligently Designed’ UFO-Like Object Sparks Frenzy as It Reflects Light

The massive 300-foot object came to light as a popular YouTuber was scanning Google Earth, assuming the sighting might vanish into thin air, should Google update the map of the puzzling icy region.

A bizarre unexplained object has been spotted on Google Earth lingering “out-of-place” right in the middle of Antarctica, and fuelling speculation as to where the purported 300 ft. object originated.

The massive dark object appears to bear no similarity to anything else found nearby, YouTuber MrMBB333 who made the discovery, pointed out in a video, further assuming the object reportedly measuring 277 feet across and about 260 feet high, may have surfaced due to melting glaciers in the vicinity. The authenticity of the video and the images of the object cannot be confirmed by anyone other than MrMBB333.

“Something appears to be in the ice and snow down in Antarctica. Looks like it may have been flying at the time it was taken”, the YouTuber uttered intriguingly in his video, further ruling out a number of suppositions:

He later pointed at another weird sighting registered nearby, as an unknown object appeared to be “floating” in a shadow cast by a massive wall of ice.

“There’s something weird going on down there. There’s a reason why the world’s Government has made Antarctica off limits and only certain people can go to certain areas for scientific research”, one conspiracy theory believer noted, while a second suggested the object was spotted on the unredacted Google Earth application.

“The rest is off limits. Interesting finds on Google Earth people have found. I wouldn’t be surprised when Google updates Google Earth it will not be there”, the commenter said.

Others suggested that the “snow being disturbed in front of the black object” was a curious sight while another claimed it could be well be a “crash landing” or “secret hangar”.

Conspiracy theories mentioned by users appear to vary, as one, for instance, suggested it is nothing else than “Jeffrey Epstein’s escape plane for after he didn’t kill himself”.

“That’s the same shaped symbol what some of your photos what people have been seeing in the sky”, another remarked, while a third took note of the shape:

“That triangle shape you found is casting a shadow”, he posted in the comments.

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