August 18, 2019, 12:28

Astronomy Enthusiast Spots Mysterious Orb Over Edinburgh, Raising UFO Suspicions

Astronomy Enthusiast Spots Mysterious Orb Over Edinburgh, Raising UFO Suspicions

As if being the rumoured home of one of the world’s most famous mythical creatures, the Loch Ness monster, was not enough, Scotland might have become a meeting point for extra-terrestrial visitors, a report by a local media outlet suggests.

An amateur astronomer from the Scottish capital has shared a photo of a strange object spotted over Edinburgh in the early hours of Sunday. The photographer, who preferred to conceal their identity, told The Edinburgh Evening News that the object looked like a “dull greyish green globe” and was moving erratically for several hours, heading towards the sea. The witness watched it moving through the telescope, but was not able to use this to take a photo of it, instead snapping a picture from a distance with a camera.

“It was there for about four hours and at times it was moving up, down, left and right. It was moving erratically and I saw it through a telescope as well. It was a dull, diffused grey colour and was faintly luminous at night”, the enthusiast told the outlet.

​The photographer also cited a friend, said to be a keen amateur astronomer, saying that they “have both never seen anything like it”. The outlet called on its readers to share their thoughts about what they referred to as a “luminous UFO”.

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