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Breakthrough Russian Technology Allows Mammals to Breath Underwater (VIDEO)

Breakthrough Russian Technology Allows Mammals to Breath Underwater (VIDEO)

Breakthrough Russian Technology Allows Mammals to Breath Underwater (VIDEO)
Sputnik/ Sergey MamontovTech19:30 21.12.2017(updated 19:42 21.12.2017) Get short URL9292

The technology, something that Russian researchers have been working on for years, has been vividly proved in an admittedly disturbing demonstration involving a dog. The scientific breakthrough will help save lives of preterm infants and prevent disasters on submarines.

The ability to breathe liquid breathing is no longer just the realm of sci-fi anymore (or limited to fish) as scientists from Russia’s Foundation for Advanced Research Projects have recently showcased their latest breakthrough, which makes this impossible feat possible. To demonstrate the novel technology, they dipped a dachshund in a reservoir with a liquid rich in oxygen. The mind-blowing and controversial experiment, which was shown to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic during his official visit to Russia on December 19, was captured on video and shared by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

As seen in the video, the dog tried to get out until its lungs were filled with solution. Then it calmed down and began to breathe and behave naturally. After the pooch was pulled out and wiped with a towel, the Serbian president made sure the dog was safe and sound.

According to RIA Novosti, Vucic was “very impressed” by what he saw. However, the experiment has raised the hackles of internet users, who considered it bordering on animal cruelty.

“Everything is being done to create technologies for saving people, so that there won’t be any tragedies like the Kursk nuclear submarine disaster [when all 118 personnel of the sinking submarine died on board in 2000],” Rogozin wrote in his Facebook account, replying to comments of outraged netizens. 
Sputnik/ Sergey MamontovDeputy Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, second left, visits the Advanced Research Foundation of the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities

Researchers are certain that this technology can be used to save lives. It can provide new emergency evacuation methods for submarine crews, who will be able to safely resurface from great depths without the risk of their lungs collapsing due to the abrupt pressure changes.

The technology can also potentially help military pilots and astronauts to withstand extreme g-forces during takeoff and maneuvers, as well as help doctors to nurse premature newborns and assist people who have burned the upper respiratory tract.


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