June 4, 2020, 15:30

Italian GP Qualifying halted by heavy rain at Monza

Italian GP Qualifying halted by heavy rain at Monza

Italian GP Qualifying has been delayed by heavy rain at Monza and its conclusion could now be postponed until Sunday.

While Q1 had initially started on time at 1pm BST, the red flag was thrown out after just four-and-a-half minutes when Romain Grosjean’s Haas aquaplaned into the barriers down the pit straight.

There have so far been seven 15-minute delays issued by the FIA and should the weather fail to ease, race director Charlie Whiting confirmed Qualifying could be postponed until Sunday morning, just hours before the race is scheduled to get underway.

The last time Qualifying and the race happened on the same day was at the 2015 US GP when the remnants of a hurricane saturated the Circuit of the Americas.

It is forecast to be dry and sunny at Monza on Sunday.

Lewis Hamilton had set the quickest time in the early Q1 running with a 1:40.128, some 2.2 seconds better than Sebastian Vettel’s next-best time.

The rain had been swirling around Monza throughout Saturday with only 16 minutes of running possible in the morning’s Practice Three.

Hamilton is aiming to break the all-time record for F1 poles, having equalled Michael Schumacher’s mark of 68 last week in Spa.

More to follow…

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heavy intensity rain

  • heavy intensity rain
  • HI/LO: 19/12
  • Clouds: 92%
  • Wind: 4.56 m/s
  • Wind Direction: S
  • Pressure: 1002hPa
  • Humidity: 65%

moderate rain

  • moderate rain
  • HI/LO: 20/12
  • Clouds: 100%
  • Wind: 6.43 m/s
  • Wind Direction: S
  • Pressure: 1008hPa
  • Humidity: 51%

moderate rain

  • moderate rain
  • HI/LO: 22/12
  • Clouds: 100%
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  • Wind Direction: S
  • Pressure: 1011hPa
  • Humidity: 78%

overcast clouds

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  • Wind: 2.56 m/s
  • Wind Direction: WNW
  • Pressure: 1018hPa
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scattered clouds

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  • Clouds: 30%
  • Wind: 4.08 m/s
  • Wind Direction: SSE
  • Pressure: 1020hPa
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