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John Part explains how to qualify for the World Darts Championship

John Part explains how to qualify for the World Darts Championship

Three-time world champion John Part will go back to basics on Monday by entering the qualifiers for the World Darts Championship…

The qualifiers will be streamed live on the Sky Sports website on November 28 before the Ally Pally extravaganza begins on December 14.

We quizzed Part on his quest to qualify for the upcoming World Darts Championship…

You’re qualifying on Monday…

John Part: Well, attempting to! There are 150 players trying for two spots.

So it’s steep competition?

John Part: It’s a tough day. You need to win six or seven matches (depending upon if you get a bye). It’s a short format, the first-to-five, and the key to surviving is to get rolling early. A bit of luck does not hurt.

You must have a great chance of winning…

Will your experience be a factor?

John Part: My advantage is that I’ve been there, and done it, at the World Championship. The guys who have never been in it might have more nerves because it means so much to them. There are different psychologies.

Do the younger players target you, as a former world champ?

John Part: If they expect a walkover, I try not to give it. I’m not there to lose, or fill the numbers out.

Will they raise their games against you?

John Part: They all do. Players feel more confident against someone that they don’t see as a threat. But none of us can be too proud, because we’re not in the World Championship already!

So, your passion for darts continues…

John Part: I like to play, I like to compete. I enjoy it. I’ve got my Tour card next year so I thought I’d make the effort this year.

Is it a humbling experience to qualify alongside less heralded players?

John Part: Any humbling has long since gone! I’m there to prove that I can still do what I think I can do.

After the Players Championship this weekend the attention turns to the World Championship and the you can follow the race for the last places on Monday with our live stream of the qualifying competition here at and across our mobile devices as well as our Sky Sports Facebook page.

The draw also takes place on Sky Sports News on Monday November 27 while the action gets underway from Alexandra Palace on December 14. You can stay up to date with all the latest at join in the conversation @SkySportsDarts #LoveTheDarts


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