August 14, 2022, 14:45

Sunday Supplement: Manchester United in a buoyant mood

Sunday Supplement: Manchester United in a buoyant mood

The Sunday Supplement panel discuss Manchester United’s start to the Premier League season, and how the mood is now buoyant at the club.

United followed up their 4-0 win over West Ham on the opening day of the season with another 4-0 victory at Swansea on Saturday, as Jose Mourinho enjoys a pacey start to his second season at Old Trafford.

The Sun’s Shaun Custis insists he detects a glint in Mourinho’s eye, and says the Portuguese boss believes he has a team that can win the title this year.

Custis said on Sunday Supplement: “I do detect a glint in Mourinho’s eye. He’s starting to enjoy himself a little bit, enjoy the banter again.

“He was getting way too grump last season, and we wondered if we’d ever see the old Mourinho again. I like the old Mourinho. I think he believes he’s got a team who could possibly win the Premier League this time around.

“I do believe there are still problems about getting wide, getting the ball into the box to service Lukaku all the time.

“The lads who go to cover United say the mood has changed completely; among fans, among players, backroom staff.”

The Daily Telegraph’s Sam Wallace agrees that the mood around United is buoyant, and says their early-season fixtures could help them get a lead on the rest of the pack, but admits the mood at United is changeable.

“If you look at their games, I don’t think they play a conventional top-six side until Liverpool on October 14. So they have got a good start to the season in terms of fixtures, and they’re not suffering in terms of injuries.

“They look promising, but you’ve got to look at the two teams they’ve played, West Ham and Swansea. The mood is buoyant at the moment, but it is changeable.”

Paul Pogba put in another impressive performance at the Liberty Stadium on Saturday, and Wallace went on to praise the Frenchman’s involvement, saying “nothing passes him by”.

“Pogba is not the sort of player where everything goes well for him – he could have perhaps been sent off for a second yellow.

“But when I compare him to other United big signings who have struggled – like Veron – the game used to pass those players by. Nothing passes Pogba by.

“He’s involved with everything. He’s got this phenomenal ability to get around the pitch and keep going right until the end.”


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