October 19, 2019, 10:14

Backlash as llhan Omar Calls Fox News Host ‘Racist Fool’ Over ‘Dangerous US Migrant’ Rant

Backlash as llhan Omar Calls Fox News Host ‘Racist Fool’ Over ‘Dangerous US Migrant’ Rant

The widely debated verbal exchange continued in the comment section below Ilhan Omar’s Twitter post, with some praising her straightforward response, while many expressed distrust, arguing that slurring one’s country has nothing to do with race – let alone patriotism.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued during his Tuesday airing that Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (Rep. for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district) is a representation of what he said was “dangerous” immigration to the United States.

“Ilhan Omar is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country. A system designed to strengthen America is instead undermining it”, said Carlson, proceeding to lament that his native countrymen lack the self-confidence to “make them [immigrants] assimilate, so they never feel fully American”.

“Some of the very people we try hardest to help have come to hate us passionately”, he went on.

The remarks prompted the Somalia-born lawmaker to strike back:

“Not gonna lie, it’s kinda fun watching a racist fool like this weeping about my presence in Congress”, she tweeted, moving on to patriotic rhetoric:

“No lies will stamp out my love for this country or my resolve to make our union more perfect”.

“They will just have to get used to calling me Congresswoman!” she rounded off.

However, her patriotism was questioned online, with one remarking that she has so far only been slamming her adopted homeland:

A number of likeminded netizens went as far as calling for the politician, “who married her

own brother to steal citizenship”, to travel back to Somalia:

Another butted in by noting that there is now little understanding, if any at all, about the actual meaning of the word “racist”, which is typically used as a slur:

Another took a dig at the “crazy, looney and expensive” agenda of Omar and “these people who have no place in Congress”, arguing that the US as it is cannot afford them now:

Another netizen seemed hardly impressed, suggesting that the race card is often played by Democrats:

However, one struck back at the host, arguing he is merely pulling “a victim card”:

…while some openly applauded Omar’s intention to bring positive change to America:

Omar, who was sworn in to her post as Rep. in January, became the first Somali-American legislator and one of the first Muslim women, along with Rashida Tlaib, to ever serve in the US Congress.

Omar regularly cites her own background as a refugee who escaped a warzone when she defends the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

The congresswoman has previously been embroiled in anti-Semitism controversies surrounding statements that she made, but in June, Omar raised eyebrows as she joined the newly-created bipartisan Black-Jewish congressional caucus. The latter has also been picked up on Twitter by some attentive users:

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