April 3, 2020, 10:25

Support for Justin Trudeau’s Party Fades in Wake of Brownface Scandal

Support for Justin Trudeau’s Party Fades in Wake of Brownface Scandal

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently landed in hot water after several pictures and videos from over twenty years ago emerged online in which he was seen wearing brownface makeup. The controversial imagery sparked a wave of criticism towards the prime minister as such makeup is widely considered to be a symbol of racial prejudice.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has lost its lead ahead of next month’s election in the wake of the brownface makeup scandal surrounding the prime minister, according to the latest poll by Nanos Research, funded by the The Globe and Mail newspaper and CTV, a Canadian broadcaster.

The survey indicated that the Conservative Party of Canada enjoys 37 percent support, versus 32 percent for the Liberals.

According to the founder of the pollster, the latest scandal could cost the embattled Trudeau his premiership.

Justin Trudeau has faced a slew of criticism after Time magazine published a photo of him from 2001, where he is seen at an ‘Arabian Nights’ party with brownface makeup on his face and hands.

​Later on, several other pictures and videos appeared on the web, where the prime minister was once again seen wearing the scandalous makeup.

The prime minister later publicly apologised admitting that his stunt was “deeply regrettable”. However, he did not dismiss the possibility of more similar photos.

Canada is set to hold federal elections on 21 October to decide on the composition of the Canadian parliament’s lower chamber.

Prior to the brownface scandal, the Liberal Party was running head-to-head with the Conservatives.

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