July 19, 2019, 6:58

Trump Cracks ‘Electric Chair’ Joke, Impersonates ‘Crooked Hillary’ at 2020 Bid Rally (VIDEO)

Trump Cracks ‘Electric Chair’ Joke, Impersonates ‘Crooked Hillary’ at 2020 Bid Rally (VIDEO)

Donald Trump launched his formal 2020 second-term presidential campaign on Tuesday evening to a crowd of supporters at Orlando, Florida’s Amway Center in a campaign that will see him battle one of the 23 Democrats vying to run against him next year.

US President Donald Trump treated crowds of his supporters at a 2020 re-election rally to his new impersonation of Hillary Clinton.
As Trump spoke at his official campaign launch in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night, he had a throw-back moment to the 2016 debates with “Crooked Hillary” when the Democratic candidate had asked him if he would accept the results of the election.

The packed audience roared in delight as Trump mockingly asked the question in his best “Hillary voice”.

“You remember during one of the debates when ‘Crooked Hillary’ said ‘If I win, are you going to support me?’ But I must be honest, I didn’t give her a great answer,” Trump said, mimicking the former Secretary of State’s voice.

“That might have been my hardest question. During the debates. Isn’t it amazing that it worked the other way around, right?”


Trump gave the crowd his rundown of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, telling his supporters he would not get the same benefit of the doubt with one email deleted.

He claimed the system was rigged, and Hillary had got a free pass, adding:“If I got a subpoena for e-mails if I deleted one e-mail, like a love note to Melania, it’s the electric chair for Trump,” the president joked.

Twitterati responded with glee to the new Hillary Clinton impersonation floated at the rally:

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