August 18, 2019, 12:10

UK is Rightly Concerned About Protecting Its Goods in Strait of Hormuz – Secretary of Defence

UK is Rightly Concerned About Protecting Its Goods in Strait of Hormuz – Secretary of Defence

London previously said it would send several Royal Navy ships to the Persian Gulf, claiming that Iranian forces had tried to seize British oil tankers.

UK Secretary of Defence Penny Mordaunt stated on Thursday that London is concerned about British goods travelling in the Strait of Hormuz amid a row with Tehran.

She also noted that Britain would like Iran to step back in order to decrease tensions.

The row erupted earlier in July after Gibraltar and UK Royal Marines seized the Iranian tanker Grace 1, claiming that it was transporting crude oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions. Tehran has the denied allegations and vowed to respond to the act of “piracy”.

Conflicts in Space

The minister also confirmed that London would join the “Olympic Defender” programme, led by the US, to safeguard space, adding that international competitors are doing all they can to disrupt UK access to satellite systems.

She cited Russian and Chinese technologies as examples, adding, however, that the main threat to the British military is not some foreign power, but the UK’s own political thinking.

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