September 18, 2021, 18:46

Starship to Sue Those Who Leaked Monsta X ‘Shownu Nude Photos’ Days After Scandal With Married Woman

Starship to Sue Those Who Leaked Monsta X ‘Shownu Nude Photos’ Days After Scandal With Married Woman

Media frenzy over Monsta X do not stop even for a day whole last week starting with the withdrawal of Wonho, and now the leader Shownu is involved in two scandals in just couple of days.

Starship Enternment announced on Monday that it will pursue legal action against those who posted and distributed on social media a set of photos, claiming to depict naked Shownu, the leader of the Monsta X K-Pop boy band.

​Earlier, several nude pictures started circulating online causing a buzz among netizens, as those who spread it insisted that it was none other than Shownu. One photo shows an apparently drunk man with a can of beer visible in the foreground sleeping in a bed. In another, a naked man stands still and looks directly into the camera. While most fans can clearly see that the man on the photos has nothing in common with the Monsta X leader, some posters argued otherwise.

Responding to the incident, the group’s label immediately issued a statement denying that the man on the photos is Shownu, adding that it will cooperate with the police and will report those who spread the pictures. Starship says it will seek damages for violating personal rights and distributing pornographic content.

This news comes hot on the heels of another scandal involving Shownu.

Previous scandals

Last week, fans were shocked by the news that band member Wonho left the group. This was preceded by a spate of scandals: words taken out of context that ignited the anger of the MeToo movement; and a scandal with the model Jung Da Eun, who stated that he borrowed money from her six years ago and has still has not returned it. She also claims that they smoked marijuana in 2013. Wonho decided to leave the group, according to an official statement from the agency.

Literally on the same day, Jung Da Eun posted messages from a man who claimed that the leader of the group, Shownu, was dating his wife.

The agency immediately made a statement saying that the singer had not been in contact with this woman for more than a month and he didn’t even has a clue that she was married.

Due all the scandals Monsta X are through this week, fans are trying to support them with clearing the search of the member’s name and furious about those who want to view the leaked photos.

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